Card Mac Pro Model Working EFI Helper OS X Version Failure Type Notes
Palit GTX 285 2GB 2008 YES 8800GT 10.5.7 N/A Bug in VRAM reporting
Palit GTX 285 2GB 2009? YES GT120 ? N/A Bug in VRAM reporting
EVGA GTX 285 1GB 2009 YES GT120 ? N/A
2006 YES 8800GT ? N/A Dual Link OK x2
2006 YES 7300GT ? N/A 7300GT in Slot 3, display swapping needed
PNY GTX 286 1GB ? NO Black Boot
Gainward GTX 286 2GB 2009 YES GT120 10.6.1 N/A Bug in VRAM reporting

VRAM Reporting Bug - 2GB Cards
In 10.5.8 and 10.6 all cards with 2GB of RAM are mis-reporting their VRAM to OS X. Most applications don't care about this, but games may not run as the card doesn't meet their system requirements.

It has been noted with some success that a PC edition card can have a new (larger) ROM chip soldered onto the board and then flashed with the ROM from the EVGA GTX 285 to basically become an official card. Try at your own risk!

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