Mac Pro GPU Project

This Wiki aims to help you to get a GT200 series NVIDIA GPU operating fully under OS X, based on use in a Mac Pro. We're not supporting hackintosh builds, although a lot of the techniques are similar. Doing this can get you a lot of computing power for far less than EVGA are charging for their GTX 285 Mac Edition card, and also significantly improves the Mac Pro's OpenCL and gaming performance (Windows).

In addition there will also be material for getting the ATi Radeon 4870/4890 cards working as well, again providing a cheaper/faster option than the stock 4870 available from Apple directly.

As always, make a backup of your system before attempting any of this, as changes will be made to system files. There is a thread (NVIDIA ATi) on MacRumors for this topic, where you can get direct assistance with any issues may have. Updates to the thread will be reflected with updates on here.

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