Step One
Pick your GPU - so far the best successes have been with GTX 285 models (1GB or 2GB), but other cards do work.

Step Two
Resolve your power situation. The Mac Pro has two PCIe power headers on the logic board, just behind the PCIe slots. You can obtain power adapters which convert these headers into 6pin PCIe power feeds - one is included with the 8800GT and X1900 cards from Apple, two with the GTX 285 Mac from EVGA. You can also buy from ATi (US) or make your own.

Step Three
Make sure you have an EFI Helper card installed, usually a GeForce 7300GT, 8800GT or GT 120. These cards can be installed in any 4x or faster PCIe slot, and have to be present to achieve a successful boot. Note that an ATi card will not work (2600XT etc), and that card has to be a native EFI NVIDIA.

Recommended installation is for the EFI Helper in Slot 3, and your GT200 series card in Slot 1.

Step Four
Obtain the needed software. You'll require netkas' injector, drivers if you're running Leopard (Snow Leopard includes them already) and you may need to modify your kext files depending on card. Install these patches, then power down

Step Five
Install your GT200 series card and power up.

Cards Walkthrough
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